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It’s Time for Health Record Banking!

Journal: Methods of Information in Medicine
Subtitle: A journal stressing, for more than 50 years, the methodology and scientific fundamentals of organizing, representing and analyzing data, information and knowledge in biomedicine and health care
ISSN: 0026-1270

Focus Theme
It´s Time for Health Record Banking!
Guest Editor: A. Shabo (Shvo)

Issue: 2014 (Vol. 53): Issue 2 2014
Pages: 63-65

It’s Time for Health Record Banking!

Focus Theme Editorial - It´s Time for Health Record Banking!

Editors Choice

A. Shabo (1)

(1) Healthcare and Life Sciences, IBM Haifa Research Lab, Haifa, Israel


Health Information Systems, Case-based Reasoning, Electronic health records, Health record banking, health information integration, health information fragmentation, health records sustainability


This article is part of a Focus Theme of Methods of Information in Medicine on Health Record Banking. This Focus Theme aims at describing the Health Record Banking (HRB) paradigm, which offers an alternative constellation of health information exchange and integration through sustainability of health records over the lifetime of individuals by independent and trusted organizations. It also aims at describing various approaches to HRB and reporting on the state-of-the-art HRB through actual implementations and lessons learned, as described in articles of this Focus Theme.

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Original Article

M. Topaz (1, 2), D. L. Seger (1, 3), F. Goss (4), K. Lai (3), S. P. Slight (5), J. J. Lau (1), H. Nandigam (1, 2, 3), L. Zhou (1, 2, 3)

Methods Inf Med 2016 55 2: 151-157


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Editors Choice

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M. Altwaijiri, B. Aldosari

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