Print & Banner Advertising

With a printed circulation of 800 which is delivered worldwide, we can offer you an excellent medium for your product advertising. Not only do we offer all standard print formats, we also offer special formats such as cover page flaps, gatefold internal adverts, multi-page spreads, transparent or semi-transparent advertising pages, wrap-arounds (Belly Bands), and tip-on adverts. We are not limited to this list though and other special formats are possible and available upon request.

As an alternative to the print advert, we also offer the option of inserting bound and loose inserts within the journal. Bound inserts are limited to single or double pages whereas loose inserts can be of various sizes and lengths.

 Alternatively, you could instead choose to advertise on our website, which receives on average 9,500 page impressions per month. Leaderboards, Skyscrapers or combined Leaderboard-Skyscraper banners are possible.

Please contact us today for more information on any of these opportunities or to receive a quotation.