Industry Sponsored Publications

Industry Sponsored Publications include newsletters, research reports or a collection of articles on a specific topic, as well as the proceedings from special meetings, congresses or symposiums for which the publication has been sponsored by for-profit organizations such as pharmaceutical firms or equipment manufacturers, as well as non-profit organizations, working or research groups and university of governmental agencies. By publishing this content with the journal, one receives the benefit of being published with an internationally recognized journal that is a leader in its field, and the benefit of being seen by a targeted group of researchers and professionals.

We offer the option of producing this content as either non-peer reviewed or peer reviewed. Content which does not undergo peer review can be published either as ‘Internal Reportage’, which is published in the journal following all scientific content, or it can be produced as a ‘Loose Insert’, which is a separate document which is delivered alongside or inserted within the journal. Content which does undergo peer review is then published as an official Supplement Issue or Special Issue which is then delivered alongside a normal issue and would be indexed.

Regardless of which option is chosen, this content can also be made available online on the Journal’s website, either alongside the scientific content (if peer reviewed) or with Sponsored Content, as well as the company’s website. Additional material, such as videos and product information can also be made available with the online version. Reprints of the content can be purchased, either as standard Reprints or as ePrints, which can be further distributed by the company.

Please note that if peer review is desired, a proposal must first be sent to the Editors-in-Chief of the journal for approval, and the content must undergo the standard review process of the journal. An overview of our Supplement Issue policies is available here.

For more information on the possible options as well as to obtain a quote, please contact the Advertising Manager directly.